We are celebrating Christmas on the 7th of January in Russia, so getting prepared for that 🙂 Also wanted to send a small note to everyone who is following our blog and Flickr. Both me and Neva are on vocations now, that’s why we are out of SL. I personally thought that I would be mostly in SL while on vocations but my family plans changed 🙂 Because of that I will be back only after the 10th of January. Wonderful week to everyone! Hope you all had great holidays 🙂


Hat: Doooodee Hat by *Bliss Couture* (Amutey DeCuir)

Hair: MOURRAY hair – CoalMine by LeLutka (Thora Charon)

Earrings: Snowflake Sweet Earrings by Chop Zuey (Belle Roussel)

Necklace: VernaRosa Necklace (white) by Alienbear’s Design (Alienbear Gupte)

Dress: -X- Elegant Christmas Dress by  XANADU – Fashion (Xanadu Damiano)

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